The many benefits of a live casino


If you like going to the casino, but can’t be bothered getting dressed up, or getting a taxi to the nearest brick-and-mortar establishment – you’re in luck!  Now, playing Bet365 live casino on offers you all of the excitement of a real casino and more…

Play live casino games with real people

A great thing about the live casino is that you get to socialise with other players. You get the same camaraderie and possibility for friendship that you get in a real casino. Crack jokes, cheer (or boo) your fellow players – the choice is yours.

Again, just a like in a real gambling house, a live casino gives the chance to see how others play their hands. You may even be able to pick up some tips, tricks, or strategies while you’re at it.

Experience a real casino in the comfort of your home

Despite the increasing popularity of online casinos, what traditional establishments always had in their favour was the excitement of the sights and sounds on offer. Being in a real casino can be a truly exciting experience.

With so much technology at our disposal, it is easier than ever before to log on and place bets. All of your favourite tables and slots are just a few clicks away. While this was always a benefit of online gambling as a whole, live casinos bring the excitement of Las Vegas or Atlantic City to you, wherever you are.

A casino with live dealers offers you the chance to play with professional croupiers on real tables. Now you can be at the heart of the action. This is true whether you’re at home, in a dentist’s waiting room, or on your morning commute to work.

Security and trust

Some players see the presence of real dealers as a sign of security and fairness. While a host of regulations are now in place to protect players’ identities and finances, some still feel safer when dealing with a real person.

By contrast, when playing classic online casino games, punters are forced to rely on random number generators – everything is digital. While hundreds of millions of players across the world have no issue with this, some more traditionally-minded people still do.

In a live casino, you can see all of the action as it happens via a live stream. So when you bet on your lucky number to come up on the roulette table, it is all real and visible for all to see.

Be a high roller

Just like in a real brick-and-mortar casino, the stakes are higher for live dealer games than they are on traditional online sites. So, if you prefer not playing for peanuts, a live casino could be for you.